Our Capabilities For Injectables Manufacturing



Looking for a comprehensive range of injectables such as Vials, Emulsions, Lyophilized Vials and Prefilled Syringes (PFS)?

Our injectables are niche, knowledge intensive and of critical segments. Presently we are in the process of setting up a large scale and state of the art manufacturing facility. Having the latest technologies and a team of highly experienced pharmaceutical professionals, we aim to produce life-saving products for patients around the world.


Anthea Pharma offers a wide and balanced variety of quality Injectable Drug Product manufacturing services. This enables our clients to use a wide range of injectable drug product dosage forms, including ampoules and vials, as well as Pre-Filled Syringes (PFS), Emulsions, and Lyophilized Vials.


Anthea aims to create high-quality injectables and infusions for the regulated and semi-regulated markets. We strive to provide the highest quality pharmaceuticals possible by utilizing technological expertise based on sterile and aseptic processes. Involving in all aspects of injectable development, from research and development to scale-up, manufacturing, and commercialization, until the drug is ready to enter the market.

Anthea Pharma envisions to provide consistent supply of the highest-quality products across therapeutic segments to customers around the world. 5 Manufacturing Lines and more in the upcoming, we have assembled an outstanding, high-performing R&D team capable of addressing a wide range of complex injectable needs while also meeting the most exacting diverse range of specifications.

Our products are currently, liquid vials, lyophilized vials, pre-filled syringes, ampoules, bags and drops; and efforts are underway to augment additional manufacturing capabilities in complex injectables such as peptides, long-acting injectables, suspensions and hormonal products. We are also in the process of including new delivery systems such as pens and cartridges into our product portfolio.

Why is Anthea Your Expert Partner In Injectable Manufacturing?


We provide formulation capacities for aseptic fill & finish and terminal sterilization


Provide Versatile Support Throughout Your Injectable Drug Product Lifecycle


Sound Industry Knowledge of Combination Product Requirements


Focus on Safety Expertise and Reliable Delivery of Selected Dosage Form


Collaborative commitment to react with flexibility & transparency to your changing needs

Formulation & Development Services

Anthea’s vision is to specialize in formulation, production, technology, and process development in a way that produces exceptional results. Our formulation and development capabilities have been created alongside the brightest scientific minds and technology that is diligently working towards becoming conerstone examples of excellence in the contract manufacturing industry. Along with these tried and true processes, we also employ the best manufacturing equipment and technology available:

  • Extensive formulation and scale-up experience at all phases of development
  • Lyophilization process optimization, scale-up, and technical transfer
  • Lab-scale filler and lyophilization
  • Method development and phase appropriate qualification
Formulation & Development Services
Formulation & Development Services

Aseptic  Fill & Finish Facilities

We are in the process of becoming an expert in the field of sterile filling of pharmaceuticals into vials as a young and rapidly growing injectable company. If you need a manufacturing partner to aseptically fill a liquid or lyophilized drug product into vials, Anthea is the place to go.

What are our sterile fill finish capabilities?

  • Vial Filling
  • Aseptic Filling
  • Lyophilization

Terminal Sterilization  Fill & Finish Facilities

Terminal sterilization services for syringe and vial formats are available at our facility. Product evaluation, cycle development, and final terminal sterilization based on designed and validated cycles are all part of this process.

As needed, our dispensing and compounding section may conduct batch formulation using either fixed stainless steel vessels or cutting-edge disposable formulation technology.

Our on-site Chemical & Microbiological laboratories assist all production areas (both Terminal Sterilization and Aseptic Filling), and are equipped to handle a wide range of quality testing.

Formulation & Development Services
Formulation & Development Services

Prefilled Syringe & Vial Fill Finish Facility

The advantages of prefilled syringes, as one of the fastest-growing options for unit dose medication, help to enhance healthcare in many ways, including convenience, safety, and affordability. We, at Anthea offer:

  • Liquid filled vials
  • Lyophilized vials
  • Pre-filled syringes
  • Small volume parenteral
  • Large volume parenteral
  • An extensive range of vial sizes
  • Disposable syringe manufacturing
  • Safety syringes
  • Sterile injectables
  • Prefilled syringe packaging

Your Preferred Global CDMO Partner

“Anthea Pharma is a full-service CDMO partner and a global manufacturing platform in the injectable industry. We turn difficult ideas and projects into high-value products at every stage of the development process.”